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Senior Living: Tour from Home – Our Story

Our Humble Beginnings

A few short years ago, our CEO Chris’ grandmother, affectionately nicknamed Mammo, suffered a fall in her home. Mammo didn’t receive help for several hours, which caused a scare that rippled throughout the family. It had finally happened: Mammo was no longer able to care for herself, and was in need of assisted living services.
Like so many other families who experience a similar situation, the first thought was, “Where do we start? What do we do?” After some deliberating, the process began online, searching for assisted living facilities nearby and trying to compare prices. However, things didn’t go quite as Chris’ family had hoped: no pricing information was displayed anywhere, no matter how hard they looked. Every directory service they used badgered them with calls and emails, making it difficult to focus. And worst of all, there was no way for Mammo or her family to see the inside of a facility they liked.

Most of the locations listed online had a few pictures; some had many, some had none. The pictures were helpful, but they didn’t provide any true sense of what it would be like to be there. What’s more, the occasional promo video was nice, but again, none of them gave any sense of what it’s actually like to walk through the doors and have an experience. Mammo’s family was upset, frustrated, and concerned about the well-being of their grandmother.

Through a miraculous coincidence, Chris was contacted to film several model homes in the Phoenix valley. This lead to him gaining experience with video tours, which when coupled with Chris’ unique style, proved very effective. In the midst of the struggle with finding senior care for Mammo, Chris’ wife mentioned that with his video tour experience, he should film video tours of senior living homes in order to make the search process easier for families.

After some deliberation, Chris took it upon himself to do just that: improve the search process for families everywhere, so that nobody would ever again have to go through what their family went through. Using his unique style of video tour, called Floating Motion Video, Chris established a small but exciting company called Late Living. The road to success was tough, and paved with failures, but after gaining a little traction, Late Living experienced explosive growth. Just over two years later, the company has grown to work with the biggest companies in the senior living industry, and is creating a wake that nobody in the industry can ignore.

Senior Search didn’t become what it is today out of a desire for money, nor a desire to own a business. Our company was founded on one simple principle: to make life easier. Our goal of making life easier is still the principle that drives us. With a video directory that allows users to experience every room, lobby, and area, we’ve made it easier than ever for seniors and their families to make decisions regarding senior living. And with Magnetic Marketing Video Analytics, we’ve made it easier for Marketing Managers and their teams to engage with their leads.

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